How to Get Rid of Oil Stains from the Mattress?

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Right posture, comfort, and peaceful sleep are some benefits that are associated with a mattress. It should be absolutely clean all the time to ensure the good health of the people. Many things like dust particles, mould, and bacteria can contaminate the mattress. But the most common problem is stain formation. From coffee stains to blood stains, different kinds of stains make the mattress dirty. Among all types of stains, oil stains are one of the toughest ones. Mattress cleaning should be done carefully to deal in order to deal with oil stains.

Wondering where the oil stains come from? Hair oils, body oils, moisturising lotions and fried food particles can leave spots on the mattress. Check out the method that you can use for removing these types of spots.

What do you need?

If you don’t want to purchase expensive products, then you can consider this simple guide for stain removal. To execute this process, you need these things:

  • Some clothes and papers for blotting and cleaning
  • Glycerine
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Water
  • Absorbents like baby powder or corn starch
  • Liquid soap

Steps to Clean the Mattress

Working in a planned way makes everything easy. The following steps can be helpful in the elimination of spots even if you are an untrained person:

1. Add Moisture to Old Stains

When the stains are treated on time, they dry and become tough. Spreading glycerine on the old stains can make them wet. The blemishes can be removed easily after getting wet.

2. Remove the Glycerine

After the glycerine has done its work, you can remove it from the mattress by using a blotting paper or a cloth.

3. Sprinkle Corn Starch Powder

Corn starch, baby powder and talcum powder are some powdered ingredients that can be used to eradicate the stains from the mattress. Make sure that you use a generous quantity of powder or starch to absorb the oil. Let the powder sit on the mattress for one or two hours.

4. Remove the Powder

Now, you will notice a significant change in the colour of the white powder. It turns yellowish because of the oil stains. Take a powerful vacuum cleaner and remove the powder. You will see the dirt getting collected along with the corn starch or powder.

5. Use a Wet Cloth

Mix some detergent in water and dip a cloth in it. This wet cloth can be perfect for removing the powder and dirt left on the mattress. Rub it properly. But, make sure that you don’t over wet the mattress.

6. Dry the Mattress

The solvents absorbed by the foam of the mattress should be removed through evaporation. It may take some time. To fasten up the process, you can take dry towels and press them firmly on the mattress. Leaving the mattress moist can initiate the growth of bacteria and mould. So, ensure that you dry the mattress completely.

Professional Method of Mattress Stain Removal

The method explained above can be effective for minor and slightly new stains. But, when the stains become hard to remove, you must reach out to an expert. They have expensive mattress stain remover and they can clean the mattress without taking too many hours.

  • Firstly, all the stains are identified.
  • The vacuum cleaner is used to clean the upper layer of the mattress. The vacuum cleaner used by the experts has some advanced features. It can collect dirt from deep inside the mattress.
  • Chemical-based stain removal product is sprayed on the oil stains so that the spots get dissolved easily.
  • The chemicals used by professionals are biodegradable and can be rinsed off easily.
  • Lastly, the cleaners dry the mattress with advanced techniques.

Which Method is better for Oil Stain Removal?

If your mattress is not subjected to serious staining issues, you can choose the first method. With simple and safe ingredients, you can get amazing results. But, you have to keep patience and give some time. If your mattress has some serious oil stains, then you can go ahead and consider professional mattress cleaning.

Don’t Forget to Use these Tips to Prevent Oil Stains

  • A sheet resistant to liquid and stains should be placed while eating fried foods on the bed.
  • To prevent the formation of stains from hair oil, you can cover the hair with a shower cap at night after oiling.
  • The mattress cover should be washed frequently with hot water to remove the stains formed by body oils and lotions.

Wrapping Up

Oil stains are greasy and make the mattress look ugly. These stains are found in almost every household. If you are facing the same issue, you can implement the method given below. If you can’t devote time to this work, then you can also hire experts for mattress stain removal.  

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