Cleaning Systems for Mattresses

      Why Should You Be Concerned About Mattress Sanitation……?

      It’s possible that sanitizing your mattress isn’t on your to-do list. Many people are unaware of how unclean mattresses can be and how they can affect you. It’s due to a lack of understanding about the mattress. Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you in making your mattress as clean as new so you can enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep with your partner.

      When you need mattress sanitizing services that are both fast and clean, don’t forget to call Action Mattress Cleaning Adelaide.

      You can use our mattress cleaning services in the same way that you clean your carpet and upholstery on a daily basis.

      Mattress cleaning has become more common as people become more health-conscious, and we advise everyone to check the cleanliness of their mattress to ensure they get the quality sleep they deserve.

      When does a mattress have to be certified as clean?

      If a mattress has no odour and no marks, it is said to be clean. We scarcely note the mild odour that is already present but is overpowered by the room freshener, or the complete colour change of the mattress that causes us to lose sight of the true colour. If you have any doubts? When was the last time you double-checked? Check for stains and odours by removing the bed cover and all other coverings.

      Unless contaminated by body fluids or another cause, the fabric on the mattress does not tan or change colour. As a result, a mattress’s cleanliness can be determined simply by looking at it. Another important thing to consider when judging cleanliness with your eyes closed is the odour.

      What methods do we use to sanitize your mattress?

      Coming from a carpet and upholstery cleaning firm, deep vacuuming and spot removal are quick ways to eliminate stains. However, Action Mattress Cleaning Adelaide’s Service’s main goal is to make the inside of the mattress odour-free and tidy.

      This is how we go about sanitizing our mattresses.

      • Our experts begin by removing all of the mattress's covers and washing them thoroughly.
      • A strong vacuum is applied to the mattress. Deep between the creases and seams, a professional vacuum is used, capable of sucking in the millions of skin cells shed daily. This should give the fabric a new look. To ensure cleanliness, a vacuum is run all over the mattress.
      • Stain prevention products and wet wipes are used to identify and remove any spots or stains on the cloth. It's achieved in such a way that very little water or solvent is absorbed.
      • If there is an odour, deodorizer is used in combination with the sterilizing solution; otherwise, it is sprayed gently at the end, which not only eliminates the current odour but also avoids odour in the future.
      • Advanced machinery, such as a steamer, is then used to evaporate and remove the liquid that has been absorbed. Within hours of drying, the mattress is ready to sleep on, fresh and clean as new.
      • Mattress sanitizing billing is normal and is based on the measurements of the mattress, which will be given by our expert on the spot.

      How can you keep your mattress from being littered?

      Mattresses are rarely subjected to deliberate littering, and accidental littering is uncommon. If you are curious how they become unclean in other ways, body fluids play a big role. Sweat and body oil, as well as dead cells that fall off while sleeping, are the main contributors. Sweat and oil break down the surface, allowing odour to develop over time, while dead cells remain on top, feeding dust mites.

      • Vacuum or dust the mattress on a daily basis to keep dust mites and allergies at bay. It is sufficient to do this once a week.
      • When you have a baby or a pet at home, your mattress is at risk.
      • Once a month, lay your mattress out in the sun to dry. The hot sun sanitizes the mattress by drying all of the liquid material, destroying all bacterial growth, and deodorizing it.
      • When you are not in the room, leave the windows open to allow fresh air and sunlight in, which helps to minimize odour production and speed up the drying of substances in the cloth.

      Hire us for expert solutions!

      If you follow these guidelines, you will require professional mattress sanitizing services less frequently. If you do not have a newborn who sleeps on the mattress, it is necessary to arrange a mattress sanitizing service once every six months.


      How much does it cost to sanitize a mattress?
      The estimated cost of mattress cleaning is $50 to $150, but the estimate is $100. The price includes labour, which varies depending on the mattress’s size and other factors. Mattress cleaning is offered by the majority of carpet and upholstery cleaning companies.

      Is there a way to sanitize a mattress?
      The most common method of sanitizing the mattress is steam washing, which is similar to dry cleaning. To break up stains and get rid of those annoying dust mites, you’ll need a handheld steamer, similar to the one used to steam clothing.

      May I clean my mattress with a carpet cleaner?
      You can vacuum your mattress with a hand extension if your carpet cleaner has one. Often, make sure it isn’t muddy.

      Is it true that bed bugs can be killed by using a steam cleaner?
      Due to their inability to withstand high enough temperatures, bed bugs cannot be killed by carpet cleaning machines. When bed bugs are present on an object’s surface, steam is extremely powerful, penetrating up to 3/4 inch into cloth surfaces. Steam will kill bed bugs in cracks and crevices up to 2-3/8″ deep.

      Is it important to vacuum your bed?
      It’s also a good idea to vacuum the mattress at least once a month. Mattresses collect dirt, ashes, and dust mites. Dust and dirt can be present in our mattresses, even though we do not suffer from allergies. Vacuum your mattress with the upholstery plug on your vacuum cleaner.

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